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with optimized materials

Revolutionary Product Qualities

A wide variety of product innovations ranging from FemTech to Automotives enabled via our unique Additive Manufacturing system. Reinventing the way you design and produce your product by exploring revolutionary textile possibilities 

Ultra Custom Textile Properties

With Tamicare's revolutionary additive manufacturing process, a broad range of water-born polymers, fibres and additives can be used to create custom new materials,

fine-tuned to the product requirements.

The Cosyflex® A.M. technology allows the creation of a very strong USP with revolutionary product qualities and segregation:

  • Local, near market, automated manufacturing

  • Sustainability gained by recycled and bio-based ingredients

  • No cutting, No waste, Virtually No stock

  • Innovative, sophisticated, and high-performance fabrics

  • One-demand, fast and consistence production by innovative AM technology

  • On-the-spot DOPE dying

  • Implement Nano-Particles

thumbnail_image001 (1).png

Textures can be achieved by engraving patterns on the baseplate and by masking designated areas. The desired texture will be shown on the external side of the fabric

Fabric Feel

Discover how soft and drapey Cosyflex® fabrics can be with our advanced, 

fine-tuning compositions


Cosyflex® fabrics have outstanding performance in strength and durability 


Stretch even the non-stretch materials

with Cosyflex® revolutionary technology


Cosiflex® technology can be sprayed on to a ready-made part, to achieve better qualities for your product and enhance its performance


Multi-zone attributes textile engineering, for when you need your product to do so much more. Manufactured in a signle production process

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