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Speedy Additive Manufacturing Of Fabrics

with your specs & our performance

Cosyflex fabrics are made by composing materials in a speedy layering technology.

Forming on the spot, brand new structures and high-performance textiles.

A baseplate in the shape of a T-shirt is made, on which materials will be precisely deposited. No need for pattern cutting, thus reducing scrap and manual labour.

Details, textures and desired feel is achieved by baseplate patterns and embossing


Product Shaped Baseplate

Fast layering of short, real textile fibres (also from waste) and water-based polymers via a proprietary, patented process, creates the Cosyflex® fabric with fibres on both sides and genuine fabric appearance and feel.

Cosyflex® production can easily utilise recycled fibres and recycled polymers


Additive Manufacturing Of Polymers & Fibers

After curing the fabric is removed from the baseplate and is ready for use or can go on to post-production processes,

such as; digital printing stitching, etc.


Curing & Finishing

The garment can now go on to packaging. Cosyflex® technology was conceived to allow industrial production, from small to large batches


Finished Product
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