Cosyflex introduces a new era in fabrics and a whole new world of opportunities for product developers.


Enabling the creation of innovative, all direction-stretchable non-woven fabrics based on the unique integration of elastomers and textile fibers, Cosyflex opens up an entirely new world of possibilities for product developers everywhere.


Made primarily of natural, fully biodegradable materials (other materials may be used if required), Cosyflex presents outstanding elongation, recovery and drape, allowing for enormous flexibility and variety.

Embossed pattern

Unlimited color combinations

Flexible & Diverse


Cosyflex enables unlimited possibilities for patterns and textures. Exceptionally versatile, it allows for a variety of attributes in different parts of the same sheet of fabric, seamlessly, and without sewing.


From meshes, to multicolor fabrics, from natural to synthetic materials; coloring, imprinting and embossing of Cosyflex fabric is limited only by the product designer's imagination.

Cosyflex - 100x magnification

Cosyflex Mesh

Your Fabric, Your Choice of Business Models


Because Cosyflex is such a versatile material to work with, Tamicare is able to offer a wide range of versatile

business models to fit individual needs.


Whatever your development needs, Cosyflex is the ideal solution for your product.

* We are proud to anounce: as of July 2013 Cosyflex is listed on the material library of Material Connexion. Click to view Cosyflex page.